Thanks, everyone, who sent pictures of Tinsel in stores. I got pics from all over, and we have two first-place winners, and second and third place winner. The first-place winners get a signed book and a gift card to the bookstore of their choice. The other two get a book. And there are honorable mentions, who get my lurve.

Check ’em out!

First place: Judy Coode found Tinsel in Kramerbooks in Washington, D.C., on Saturday, Oct. 17, but there’s sort of a big asterisk on her win, because I was with her and helped her find it, on that shelf of current nonfiction by the window. It wasn’t easy.


The other first place winner goes to Lisa Mueller in St. Louis! Check out happy Greyson in Pudd’nHead Books in Webster Groves, Mo., on Oct. 23. I love this picture. I also love Pudd’nHead Books — Nikki, the owner, wrote me in July to tell me how much she liked Tinsel and they’ve invited me to come do a signing, with a very special guest moderator: Curtis Sittenfeld. That event is Wednesday, Dec. 9. As soon as I have time and venue details, I will spread the word. Way to go, Lisa and Greyson!


Second place goes to Terrence Thornton, who found Tinsel in the West Patterson, N.J., Barnes & Noble on Oct. 24. I have heard a rumor that B&N will give Tinsel some front-of-store display action starting around Thanksgiving, but for now, you can find it shelved in one of my favorite sections: Cultural Studies. (Like, in there with the sociology of tattoos!)


Third place goes to Vince Patton in Portland, Ore., who found Tinsel in the new arrivals aisle at the venerable Powell’s Books on Oct. 25. Vince knows my sister, Mary Stuever (somehow, I forget how), and he’s also a big Nancy Nall fan, so it’s a small world out there, filled with copies of Tinsel that need to be bought. I’ll be reading at Powell’s on Friday night, Dec. 4.


Congratulations, all. I’m signing and putting your books in envelopes today and they’ll go out in Monday’s mail.

12554_163672198646_722068646_2849359_3646402_nAnd there are some honorable mentions, too. I’ve already shared this photo, (left) of the nice Tinsel display in the Stonebriar Centre Barnes & Noble, sent in earlier this week by Brett Jensen.

-1The ever-devoted Derba (Laura Froelich) spied Tinsel on the Sociology shelf in the Preston-Royal Borders in Dallas.

And I’ll sign off with this great picture of Michael’s mom (and my favorite Christmas morning eggs strata maker), Christine Neperud, looking lovely with Tinsel in … hey, where is this? I’m guessing suburban Maryland, somewhere.



  1. Judy Coode on October 31, 2009 at 9:55 am

    Gee, I haven’t won anything since those tickets to see Cecilia Bartoli at the Kennedy Center like eight years ago. Which was nice, but I’m more into books than opera, so this is just swell. That asterisk is pretty freaking big, however I do feel the need to defend my alphabetizing skills and state that I believe I could’ve found “Tinsel” on my own eventually … within a couple of hours, at least.

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