Give like Santa, save like Scrooge

1104penneyThat’s J.C. Penney’s slogan to get the retail season started — which, if you ask me, sort suuu-hucks. Nothing backfires in the fraught territory of gift-giving like the word Scrooge. This slogan, to me, says This year, be as cheap as you can.

The Plano-based company has had some crappy quarters for the last year or more. Nowadays a strong earnings report is one where the outcome wasn’t as bad as they told investors to expect.

Anyhow, discount Snuggies! Everybody just cocoon yourselves up for the duration.  As usual, Maria Halkias of the Dallas Morning News has the story.  I hope I get to meet Maria when I’m in Dallas in a couple of weeks. I’ve read so many of her retail stories over the last few years and attributed her on a couple in the back of my book. I feel like I know her.

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