Entertainment Weekly: I gotta B.

1075-alec-meryl_lEntertainment Weekly reviews Tinsel in the new issue. The review is pretty good — I got a B. Which is right in line with my lifetime GPA, so I’m just going to have to own it, what with my “meandering snark” and all. (On the last book they gave me an A. Remember? “A master class in top-notch journalism”? Well, I remember. Anyway, does the B averaged with the A still keep me on the dean’s list?)

I’m just glad they reviewed it — they review very few books each week now. I’ve been a subscriber for many years — I consider it essential reading for my job — and I know they’ve really cut back on the number of books they do. Being the cultural lightweight that I sometimes am, I will say that seeing a book in EW was sometimes the only way I ever heard about it; even when a book gets loads of attention in the NYT and NPR, sometimes it doesn’t occur to me to read it until EW gives it a little glow.

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