Mary, Did You Know …

… that this isn’t just a blog, but a whole web site? Click anywhere up in the bannerstuever-146 above and you’ll be shuffled off to the Hank Stuever home page. That’s by design. There ye shall find ALL the book tour information you’ll need; you can take my Christmas shopping survey (please!); you can look at pictures; and you can find a way to contact Tinsel‘s publicist. “Go to” is my blanket answer for requests such as:

— All dates of upcoming readings.

— Please send us a short bio.

— We need a high-res image of your book jacket and author photo.

— Is this your first book?

— Are there pictures anywhere I can see of the Trykoski house?

Yes, yes, yes, no, and yes. And thanks for asking and believe me, I love the attention. I jump around in it like a kid in a bouncy house. But I might not answer you promptly, as I conduct my life through a very tricky series of Post-It notes scribbled to myself. My answer is almost always: It’s on my web site. Click up above — you can even click on my face, and off you go, to Answerland.

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