The book party. I’m still exhausted.

15359_177785045447_672330447_3382631_5572342_nNot a lot of dish from my book party to report (I know you keep waiting for more news of Style section brawls), but the only real dish from Wednesday night is, of course, the scrumptious serving that is Ann Gerhart in that red-and-green sequined mini-dress. Va-va-voom! (And readers, she flew in from Fort Hood!)

Otherwise: Big mob in a beautiful house in Adams-Morgan. Lots of journos, writers, Posties, non-Posties, dearest friends, Michael’s parents, and even Fox 5’s Brian Bolter (a Loyola alum — didja even know that?). I hope everyone had a good time, got good nosh and grog, and my only regret is the standard plaint you hear from brides and grooms: We didn’t have time to talk to everyone.

I can never thank Wes Combs and Greg Albright enough for opening their amazing home (people’s jaws drop when they look around this place) to 120 of the photogreatest guests a book writer could ever know. My friend Laura Faherty flew in from Phoenix (surprise!) and stayed a few days, which has made the stress of book launching much more fun.

Tinsel is officially out! You’ll be sooo sick of me in a few weeks, but just remember: You won’t be as sick of me as I’m sick of me.

Ron Reason (what a lovely surprise to have him visiting DC this week) sent the best picture from the party — this was in the dining room, which was the heart of the real operation. Politics & Prose sent an emissary with several cartons of books and the necessary tools of capitalism. Here, Trey Graham becomes another satisfied American consumer, doing his part for the economy. It says it all, doesn’t it? BOOK WHORE, BOOK WHORE. Friends, it has only begun.


  1. Derba on November 14, 2009 at 11:55 am

    I’m glad at least one of the Laura’s made it! It sounds like it was a huge hit!

  2. blathering on November 14, 2009 at 2:41 pm

    At least you’re a cute book whore rather than a skanky-airline-hwy-
    Jimmy-Swaggart book whore.

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