A VD transmission from the Roller universe

They’re infrequent (even more infrequent than these blog posts), but an e-mail came today from Donald Roller Wilson, with a strange (of course) Valentine’s Day wish. And a new Naughty Betty painting! It’s called “It Would Become the Third Disastrous Attempt for Naughty Betty to Ratify Her Bat Mitzvah.” Many of you have asked what I’ll be doing with the millions I’ve made as a book author, TV critic, and beloved bon vivant. Buying Roller paintings, that’s what — direct from the artist, or from top collector Carrie Fisher. For starters.

Roller fans! (?) Note the smoke coming out of Betty’s exposed nipple.

Luckily, I don’t have millions. Or thousands. I do have some blog items to post. Will try to do that today-ish, now that the unholy amount of 2009 tax prep is done. Of course I have some sweetheart business to attend to. Have a lovingly loverly day.


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