Freaky Friday

After the photo of the president’s line-editing style, now we get to go with him to Prairie Lights, the awesome bookstore next to the University of Iowa. This photo was on the front of the NYT today. This is what I like to do in bookstores, too: make fun of books that I think look terrible.


Here’s the humorous pool report, via Politico’s reporter, courtesy of the Times, too.

Meantime, ace Washington Post reporter Eli Saslow (aka the next gen’s David Von Drehle), was out there too, writing this story for A1, a sort of sad account of Yet Another Angry Man. We ran pictures of him too, by Linda Davidson:


I would love for my friend Robin Givhan to write a piece exploring the sartorial choices of the right and the left nowadays. She’s done that before, most recently last summer with the Town Hall folks. I’m amazed how ideologies changed without changing their look.

What I mean is: It used to be that Sturgis ponytails and long scraggly beards were standard-bundled with liberals, hippies. And the clean-cut Alex P. Keaton look signified conservative, Republican. Now, the slobs are right-of-center, and as they become more radical, the more they resemble street musicians. (I realize, of course, that the biker look was always opposed to the Man and suspicious of government in any form.) They use freaky_fridaymegaphones to insist that they want to reclaim and return to the America they knew growing up. But if that America came back, it would immediately insist that these dudes cut their damn hair and shave. Meanwhile, today’s preppies? Repp-stripe neckties and trim figures and hornrims and J. Crew sweater sets and pearl strands? They’re left of center.

America, you’ve gone all Freaky Friday on me! (Have a Vampire Weekend.)


  1. Derba on March 28, 2010 at 10:10 pm

    Remember those kids we saw at Tombs?
    Straight outta MHS circa ’86.

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