SNL Homowatch: 4/10 (Tina Fey) … PLUS a very quick look back at some March reruns

tina-fey-4Welcome back for another review of Saturday Night Live‘s propensity to make jokes about homos. Click here for my reason for doing this and also, please think twice about telling me to lighten up, because I already have.

Anyway, this feature might soon have to snuff itself out. The Tina Fey episode was almost entirely void of gay jokes. There was just one that I caught (but feel free to chime in with others if you saw something I didn’t), and it was barely anything: In the sketch about Tiger Woods and the Masters tournament, Fey was playing a stripper/hooker who joined Jim Nantz for commentary and said “this is gay” about golf. Now, I am one of the few remaining people who actually think calling something “gay” is … sometimes funny, but always allowable. (I’m also still clinging to “retarded” to describe things that I think are … not performing at the corresponding intelligence level. Therefore SNL is often retarded and gay, but literally neither.)

Anyhow, to the show we go:

Air date: 4/10/10

Host: Tina Fey

Donny_OsmondMusical guest: Justin Bieber.

Okay, I need to blow some hard, here, for just a pause: If adults and adult-oriented late night shows like SNL had paid attention to a 16-year-old pop star when I was a teenager? I would have said it was gay and retarded. As a child, I looked to SNL to transport me away from Shaun Cassidy and the Bay City Rollers and all that childish junk. I wanted to see what grownups (even if they were in their early 20s) were laughing at.

So, Grownups of America: stop putting up with this shit. Stop reading vampire novels meant for middle schoolers. Etc., etc. This kid is DONNY OSMOND and DEBBIE GIBSON rolled into one package. You have been there and you have done this. No one over the age of 19 should be able to even know who Justin Bieber is, and more importantly, people should be embarrassed if they do. Keep this frosting on Nickelodeon where it belongs.

PS, and destroying the premise for my rant: Check out Lesbians Who Look Like Justin Bieber.

Anyway, the show, the show: Enough people have posted Fey’s Sarah Palin Network sketch. Especially here inside the Beltway, where we only laugh at SNL sketches that have something to do with Washington and/or politicians. I’ll skip it and go to something that I was even better: THE BROWNIE HUSBAND. Delve in:

I thought this was one of the better episodes in a long while, thanks to Tina Fey. Her Palin stuff was good, her opening was good, and her “Weekend Update” commentary was better than good.

So …

Looking back since the last Homowatch update, there were reruns with Sigourney Weaver, Jon Hamm, and Jennifer Lopez over the last few weeks. Those too were fairly free of gay jokes. There was this one awful little skit from the Weaver episode that aired in the 12:45 a.m. SNL wasteland, starring Fred Armisen as a nasty gay child who calls everyone “bitch.” Hold your nose and click play:

Where does this come from? What does it mean? Eh, who cares. But I’ll bet they try this character again. If SNL wants to do a funny sketch about a family who gets strange and queeny gay vibes from their child’s new best friend, that could be funny. You just have to try harder.

Next show: Ryan Phillippe. (He’s still around? What’s the movie tie-in? I dunno. If they’re taking requests for gay jokes, how about a make-out scene between him and Jason Sudeikis. Just because?)


  1. culwin on April 26, 2010 at 1:20 am

    There was tons of homo stuff in last night’s episode.
    Lesbians, gay people, gay pedophiles, the list goes on!

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