The truth


This brief screed about “overwriting” was posted by Michael Brick near the end of a very long comments thread over on Gangrey that discusses writing, outlining, frustrations, listening to music while you write (do you or don’t you?) and so much else. I’m reposting it here because it’s just so damn true.

“That word though, if it is a word: Overwritten. In recent years it’s become a sledgehammer in the hands of too many cowardly, unambitious, ladder-climbing, cow-in-a-swivel-chair editors. The good ones know how to tell you where to dial it back, and finding a good one (as Wright points out elsewhere) is mission critical. I’ve been lucky in that regard. The bad ones (and here’s where I’ll foolishly try to bring this whole marathon comment section full circle) are hanging a kneejerk, uninspired, boardroom groupthink scarlet O on stylish writing.”

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