SNL Homowatch (5/15: Alec Baldwin)

Well, it remains to be seen if my time is well-spent on an SNL Homowatch or alec_baldwinnot, but hallelujah, the season is over. If anything egregiously gay-obsessed comes up in the summer reruns, I’ll hork up a blog item about it. If not, I’ll think about reviving the SNLHW (hey, if everybody can abbreviate everything nowadays, so can I) in the fall.

This week was pretty light on the gay jokes …

Air date: May 15, 2010

Host: Alec Baldwin

Musical guest: Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers

First of all, anybody know why Baldwin is dying his hair black? I hope for some movie role. I noticed, so that means everyone else has too.

Stefon is not as funny the second time around. Maybe it worked so well the first time because Bill Hader almost lost control entirely? I think this one has set a new landspeed record for sketch-character fatigue, though “human bath mats” is pretty freakin’ funny.

In the sniper training sketch (“tate da shaaaaaa”), the script seemed to call for some man-on-man chortles when Alec Baldwin was laying on top of Jason Sudeikis. (“You must be addicted to doing squats.”) Audience forgot to laugh and that was that, though the idea of Alec Baldwin laying on top of Jason Sudeikis is … I’ll just say interesting. (To me. Maybe not to you.)

The band’s playing that slow intro now. Show’s over. Thanks to Lorne, the cast, the band, I had a great time, and thanks to– [cut]


  1. Derba on May 19, 2010 at 11:02 pm

    I noticed his hair, too! Alec–cool it.

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