I’ve solved a major problem (pictured, right) that was really the bane of all existence backstage at Tonsil. Thanks to the smart people at AuthorBytes, I’m spamonce again feeling like maybe it’s time to blog. Honestly the junk that collected in the comments pile was so depressing, I’d taken a break from logging-in to WordPress at all. I’m sorry to say that the roto-rootering that’s been going on behind the scenes may have eliminated comments from legitmate readers. If that was you, DRAT. Try again?

But now, freedom! If you’re new here and you submit a comment (and I hope you do), you’ll be asked to answer a very easy question designed to elude evil robots.

If you’re reading this, you are part of the resistance.

Meanwhile, oy, summer is ending and does the One-Man Book Club have some books to review, or what? MANY. With that long trip up to Cape Cod, then out to L.A., then to New Mexico, I have lugged some tomes around. I’ll get busy on it.

Meanwhile, please enjoy this Mark Ronson video. I do.

Mark Ronson The Business INTL – Bang Bang Bang from Olivier on Vimeo.

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