Get your shine on with a FREE copy of Anne-Marie O’Connor’s ‘The Lady in Gold’! (Yours to kleempt!)

Let me make up for my dereliction of duty as a blogger with this chance to win one of THREE free copies of my friend Anne-Marie O’Connor’s new book The Lady in Gold: The Extraordinary Tale of Gustav Klimt’s Masterpiece, ‘Portrait of Adele Bloch-Bauer.

Yes, it’s another TONSIL book giveaway!

Anne-Marie has been working on this intriguing book for, well — forever it feels like! I remember sitting one afternoon at her house in Los Angeles when we were both suffering through our rough drafts of our books, back in early 2008 or so. I’m so pleased that Anne-Marie saw hers through to its handsome finish. I can see her hard reporting work on every page, as well as her elegant prose. Here’s what it’s about, straight from the flap:

“The spellbinding story, part fairy tale, part suspense, of Gustav Klimt’s Portrait of Adele Bloch-Bauer,’ one of the most emblematic portraits of its time; of the beautiful, seductive, Viennese Jewish salon hostess who sat for it; the notorious artist who painted it; the now vanished turn-of-the-century Vienna that shaped it; and the strange twisted fate that befell it.”


I can’t wait to dig in and enjoy it — and, as before, when a friend’s book comes out, nothing pleases me more than to share a few copies with my blog readers. I have three copies for you. Anne-Marie lives in Mexico City now, so getting these copies signed isn’t doable this time.

Want one? YOU’RE TOO LATE! Simply DROP ME AN E-MAIL at the “contact” address in the navigation bar of my home page. If you don’t feel like looking for it, the e-mail address is hank (at) hank’sfirst&lastname (dot) com. Do NOT make your request in the comments thread. First three e-mailers will get a copy mailed to them, no strings attached! They’re already gone — in less than 15 minutes. I think you guys set a new record this time!

Go for the gold! (Next time!)


  1. Steve Spar on February 21, 2012 at 5:44 pm

    Going for Gold!

  2. Peggy Browning on March 29, 2012 at 7:30 pm

    I’m reading Off Ramp right now…Yes, I know I’m about 8 years late, but don’t judge me. I’m really enjoying it. I especially liked the chapters about plastic chairs, the Evil Queen, and storage buildings. I’m only half way through, so I’m sure I’ll find other chapters that I love, too. Now that I’m aware you have a blog, I’ll check back to see if you have new posts.

    Peggy Browning
    Wichita Falls, Texas

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