I’m giving away THREE free copies of Lou Berney’s new book — these’ll go so fast you’ll get WHIPLASH!

Hey. Five months since I blogged? Five?? Forgive me.

But I come bearing another TONSIL book giveaway as small penance — perfect summertime reading. It’s Lou Berney‘s new book, Whiplash River, the sequel to his very enjoyable Gutshot Straight. Already!

Lou is one of a kind: Born n’ raised in Oklahoma City, went to Bishop McGuinness High School, then got a journalism degree at Loyola in New Orleans, where he was editor of the Maroon — hey, wait, that’s MY life!

Well, Lou did it all first.

You don’t need me to vouch for him. Check out what Publisher’s Weekly says about Whiplash River in its starred review:

“Berney takes his rightful place as heir to Elmore Leonard with this witty and nimble comedic thriller. …The exotic locales are vibrant, the supporting cast larger than life, and the plot hums along without a wasted page.”

Okay, now you want one. I bought three copies to give away to loyal readers of hankstuever.com. All you have to do — and PAY ATTENTION — is send me an e-mail at hank [at] hankstuever [dot] com. First come, first served! ALL GONE! Thanks, everybody. Books will go out by mail ASAP to Amy, Donna and Jeffrey.

Lou Berney photo: J.D. Merryweather


  1. Rose on July 10, 2012 at 3:05 pm

    🙂 I know I’m late for this give-away. I am only logging on now because I worked all night at my 3rd job, needing the money for my 5 kids, and boy, I wish I had a book that didn’t come from the thrift shop. Oh, well, I never win anything. But I do get my neighbor’s paper and always read your column so I know what to watch, and yes, we do have a small tv. So thank you for this opportunity to get a new book. The plot if that is what you call it sounds real intrestin.

  2. Liz L. on July 10, 2012 at 5:25 pm

    Oh, I’m sure I’m too late .

  3. Nelson Martinez on July 11, 2012 at 8:16 pm

    More penance, please! For Rose and Liz L. and me!

    Meanwhile, I will look for Lou Berney’s books at my local library. If they are not there, I’ll ask them to order them — they are always glad to do that. (You’re in our library and I didn’t even have to ask.)

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