Another year, another List

Monica Hesse and Dan Zak’s 2013 edition of The Washington Post’s annual List is out, and it’s a good one.

This is the 35th year that the Style section has put out an “in/out” List, a tradition begun by Nina Hyde and Jura Koncius in 1978. It was my great pleasure (and huge headache) to pen The List in 2000 and then from 2003-2009. It is my greater pleasure that Dan and Monica are now in charge of doing it. Like anything worthwhile, it’s much harder than it looks.

And now, The List: A Mockumentary, which not only explains the storied tradition of this New Year’s feature, it also gives you a chance to bask in the Dan-ness and Monica-ness of it all. (Unfortunate Skype cameo by yours truly halfway in …)

Cheers, everyone. Here’s to 2013. My goal for this year is to get everyone to call it TWENTY THIRTEEN instead of the dopey two-thousand-thirteen.

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