The worst fall TV season I’ve had to review

That’s right, I said it.

Nevertheless, here’s what I’ve been up to since late summer — trying to find something, anything to say about the new crop of fall shows from the broadcast and cable networks. I didn’t give any A’s this year and a whole lot of D’s and F’s — and, yes, I did a self-reflective moment to make sure I wasn’t just wearing an extra-cranky pair of crankypants. This year’s season gets a 1.88 GPA, which, in my book, equals academic probation, right?

For everything you need, including reviews of 30 new shows premiering between now and November, click here to get to a swell index to the Post’s Fall TV issue, with a menu of reviews and other articles.

I do leave you with something to admire about Fall TV: Sunday Style designer Amy King’s cool cover for the print version. Amy made this herself out of some wood scraps and such, right there on her desk. Then she had photo shoot a picture of it. Thrifty, budget-strapped art directors everywhere — please take a moment to swoon!

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