Chuh-click-click. (One of my favorites)


Once in a great while I’m asked if I have a favorite story that I’ve written. I don’t. But if I did, it might be this little essay for the Post’s Style section (“Chuh-click. Sunset: With the Last of Kodak’s Slide Projectors, a Family Tradition Slips Out of Focus”), which ran 10 years ago on Nov. 25, 2004. It’s not much. It’s written entirely off a business-news item that Eastman Kodak had made its last slide projector (after having manufactured and sold 35 million of them). What I liked about it most is the timing — it ran on Thanksgiving, which made me think of slideshows in the living room, dads and grandfathers, old and wonderful technology. This piece also makes me remember what fun it was to have Henry Allen as an editor.

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